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Foreclosure, estate &
Home cleanout services

Whether you are dealing with a home foreclosure or an estate sale, or you simply want home cleanout services before a move – you can trust the experts at Black Tie Moving to exceed your junk removal expectations.


While most foreclosed properties need a great deal of
attention when it comes to cleaning preparations for an
open house, they are often given a very strict time frame for
such efforts. REOs, short sales, and foreclosures can be
complex and time-sensitive, requiring debris removal to be
completed quickly and efficiently.
Black Tie Moving provides prompt foreclosure cleanout
services for real estate professionals and homeowners
alike, ensuring that your property is expeditiously primed
for the market.



We understand that circumstances surrounding the need for
estate cleanout services may be sensitive. The need for these
services usually follows a major change in a family’s dynamic,
often due to the passing of a loved one.
Our moving professionals are not only incredibly adept at what they do, but they are compassionate, and will always treat you and your belongings with the utmost respect. We have years of experience helping our clients with their estate cleanout needs, and we will attentively help you get through the daunting task of cleaning out the home of a loved one.


Homeowners often feel overwhelmed with the task of sorting through years of belongings before embarking on a move. The burden of large-trash pickup and decluttering can be time-consuming and seem impossible for those who are physically unable to lift and move heavy items. In times like
these, it’s critical to find a team that you can depend on to get the job done. Black Tie Moving can be at your property quickly to get rid of any large residential waste items that are bogging down your progress. Our fully insured and licensed professionals will dispose of your unwanted items in the most efficient and responsible way possible, allowing you more time to focus on the exciting things ahead!



From full estates to your
basement we get
the job done!

We cleanout by the
pickup load, trailer or
dumpster load.

Dumpsters rentals are
the responsibility of the
customer and must be
placed in compliance
with township and or
HOA regulations.

We do offer a per-trailer
(requires refundable deposit)
or per pick-up usage rate for
smaller cleanouts

*Prices vary on all jobs. Rates based
on estimated and actual work
required per service

How NRG MOVERS® Estate Cleanout Works

Our five-star customer service is backed by exceptional customer support and knowledgeable staff that sets us apart from our competition. With estate cleanout services from our team, you’re guaranteed stress-free service from start to finish.

You can book with us online or by calling us at (833) 626-1326.

Our honest, uniformed, nice, and knowledgeable team will call you

30 minutes before your scheduled appointment. Once we arrive, 

just show us what you’d like removed and we’ll provide you

with a free, no-obligation estimate.

Give Your Loved One’s Belongings New Life
You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your loved one’s items will be
given a second life through our green recycling practices and donation efforts. We are partnered with numerous local non-profits
around and make every effort to donate any of your unwanted
items to their organizations. That way, other families in need
can benefit from your loved one’s belongings.

Garage Cleanout


What good is a garage if you can’t park your car in it? Why have a workbench if you can never find any space to actually get to work? When your garage is piled high with odds and ends you just don’t want there anymore, call on College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving® for help!

We are the professional junk hauling team your neighbors already trust when they want to clear out their homes of old clutter. But you can also count on us for when your garage needs special attention, too. While you sit back and relax, our NRG MOVERS® get right to work at decluttering your garage so you can make good use of it once again.

foreclosure-service 5

Reclaiming your garage for parking, working, or the storage of things you are actually going to want to keep and use is a great feeling. Don’t hesitate to make your dream of a clean garage a reality, though. Junk will just keep piling up! Instead, get NRG MOVERS® on the phone today, locate the franchise location nearest you, and arrange for our garage decluttering services based on when it is most convenient for you. Our professional junk removers know how to remove any type of junk that might be stored in your garage, so you don’t have to worry about calling multiple companies for the one garage cleaning project.


Let our team remove – and possibly recycle – the following
and more from your garage:


📌  Furniture
📌  Power tools and

📌  equipment
📌  Clothing
📌  Toys
📌  Appliances
📌  Electronics
📌  Storage boxes, totes, and shelving
📌  Miscellaneous debri

Basically, if it is in your garage, we can get rid of it for you.
Save your back the trouble of heavy lifting and your brow the
unpleasantness of sweating by getting our NRG MOVERS® to do it all for you.


We are here to help make your garage cleanout as simple as
possible, which means lending a hand from start to finish.
Allow us to help you clear your garage of all clutter by:

📌  Discussing the situation ahead of time when you arrange

       for our service.
📌  Providing the necessary labor, equipment, and trucks to       

       quickly declutter your garage.
📌  Assisting you sort through damaged or discarded junk to               see what can be recycled or kept.
📌  Moving wanted belongings to a storage unit for

       safekeeping, if requested.
📌  Hauling other junk to a disposal or recycling center.
📌  Handling all the cleanup afterward so your garage
       looks great.

Not ready to move yet?

We can help you to plan your move!


Have you recently done some renovations to your office and
find yourself with some leftover junk? Just looking to rid your
business of a few unwanted items? NRG MOVERS Hauling
Junk & Moving® has the commercial junk removal services
you can count on. With over 15 years of experience, our team
of junk hauling professionals are certified, insured, bonded,
and prepared to help you break free of your clutter. There’s no
project too big or small for our team of NRG MOVERS®.
We can rid your commercial property of:

    📌  Old Furniture
    📌  Filing cabinets and important documents
    📌  Old computers and electronics
    📌  Construction debris
    📌  Cubicle walls
    📌  Carpeting


NRG ® gives you a choice.
With all that’s involved in preparing for your move, we want to
make the payment process as easy as possible for you.

NRG accepts payment for moving services by cash, check or
credit card. NRG accepts your cashier’s check, traveler’s
check, bank check or personal check. You may choose to pay
at origin or destination — just let your NRG Agency Sales Representative know which you prefer.

Here are a few things to keep in mind if you wish to pay by

You may pay with either a business or personal check.
The check should be made payable to “NRG Van Lines, Inc.”
Write payment for the exact amount of purchase, not to exceed $40,000.

You may write checks on more than one account, provided the combined total does not exceed $40,000.
At time of payment, your NRG Agency Sales Representative or van operator will ask for a valid I.D. to complete the information needed for check authorization. Have your driver’s license, passport, or military I.D. available.

counter, temporary or starter checks
checks drawn on institutions outside the U.S.
checks without a physical address (no P.O. Boxes)

NRG accepts these major credit cards: Visa,® MasterCard,®
Discover,® and American Express.® Payment is accepted for
the amount of purchase up to the amount of credit available,
upon the card issuer’s authorization.

Code of conduct

WE, the members of the NRG Movers Conference, stand
united in our sincere beliefs that honest, ethical, efficient and
quality services to the public are the ultimate goals of this
organization. Whereupon we, engaged in the transporting
and storage of household goods, pledge ourselves to uphold
and advance the following ideals and principles:

TO consistently offer and provide the most efficient and reliable moving and storage services available, while adhering
strictly to a policy of truth, honest, integrity and fairness in all
business transactions.

TO strictly adhere to all State laws, rules, regulations and applicable tariffs governing moving and storage operations
within NRG State.

TO be conscious and considerate of consumer needs and to
continually promote the progress, fraternity, education and
dignity of our industry so that the public will be better served.

TO promote the elimination of fraud, deceit, misrepresentation
and unethical practices within the industry and to engage in
formal disciplinary review of any and all members involved in
such practices.

TO afford all members and applicants maximum due process
in the administration of Conference affairs, to promote competitive practices and to eliminate unlawful restraint of trade within the industry.

TO maintain the highest concern for the health, welfare and
safety of our employees, while recognizing their needs as
both human beings and individuals.

TO faithfully fulfill all obligations of membership, including the
timely payment of all charges for membership affiliation and

TO protect free enterprise in a democratic society and to
foster the commercial viability of the small business component of our industry.

AND to adhere to the Conference Bylaws and these Code of
Conducts as adopted by the governing Board of the NRG
Movers Conference.

More bang for your buck

You can count on us to provide:

Packing and moving Materialsng

Trained, licensed, and Insured professional movers

Upfront and honest

Our Moving Prices

At NRG Movers, we want to make our pricing as clear and easy to understand as possible. Though the price of each project will vary depending on your specific circumstances and requirements, below are the things that we take into consideration for each project.


Truck and Travel Fees: An industry standard, our truck and travel costs cover the time and gas it takes for our NRG ® to travel from our office to the origin of your move and from the destination back to our office.

The Hourly Rate: This fee covers the amount of time it will take for our team of professional movers and junk removal specialists to get the job done. Unlike other moving companies, our team is motivated to work quickly and safely to provide you with the highest quality service possible.

For more pricing details, and to add additional services to your move, feel free to speak with your move estimator. Complete transparency is our goal, so we’ll be happy to discuss every detail of your move and billing information.

Our Moving Prices